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Tips for getting a house ready to sell.

Spring is upon us, and for many would be home sellers, that means it is now time to get serious about putting your home on the market.

I was recently contacted by an out of town seller, who has not lived in their particular home in about a year! That’s quite a long time for a house to sit empty. You can imagine that there are plenty of items on the seller’s to do list to get this vacant house ready to potential buyers! Listed below are the top 5 things that sellers should do to get their home ready for the market:

   Take care of all major and know repair jobs

Every home will occasionally need a repair. Maybe it’s your air conditioner, maybe it’s a roofing leak. But when you are putting your home on the market, the last thing you need is for costly repairs to kill the deal. Make sure that all the major systems of the home are in good working order, and that all known repairs have been done. If you haven’t lived in your home in a while, you may want to consider having the home inspected by a licensed home inspector to reveal any problems you are unaware of.




  Declutter closets and living spaces

The longer you live in a space, the more filled with your stuff it becomes. This is normal and part of life, but when you decide to sell your home, you don’t want potential buyers to get caught up in your things, and miss how great your home is. Make sure that closets are partially empty, giving the feel of ample storage space. Also, make sure that countertops and tabletops are clutter free and visually appealing. This article from Budget Dumpsters will help you make sense of the decluttering process.

There is no need to remove personal photos from your home, as long as they are not overwhelming.


Buyers are not drawn in by dirty drab walls. Buyers also aren’t’ interested in the thought of having to repaint walls once they move in. Paint gives a Big Bang for the buck, and can do wonders for setting your home above the crowd. Choose neutral colors that will appeal to the majority of buyers. Don’t pick colors that are too dark, too bright, or too personal. Make sure the wall color offers a neutral backdrop that will draw the buyers eye to how awesome the space is, and help them envision their belongings in that space.

  Have carpets and rugs professionally cleaned.

Most buyers are turned off by dirty floors. So, if you have stained and soiled carpets, you need to take care of this problem prior to marketing your home. If the carpets don’t come clean when professionally shampooed, you may want to consider replacing them prior to listing, or offering a flooring allowance to the buyer to compensate for the aged flooring.

Clean your yard and spruce up landscaping.

Your yard makes the first impression for a buyer. So, it is vitally important that the yard be great. Make sure that you have taken care of weeds and overgrown bushes/trees. Trim hedges and plant fresh colored plants, drought tolerant plants near the doorways. Also, placing planters on each side of your front door maximizes curb appeal and helps buyers focus on your home. Put fresh mulch in the flower beds and sweep the porch and garage. Don’t be afraid to go overboard with the mulch! Just make sure it stays in the designated areas. Buy new door mats. Pressure wash everything. You may also consider painting your front door. Bold colors are all the buzz these days, and will draw the eye in. If you need ideas to add curb appeal, this great article from buzzfeed should help.

The next step in the selling process is to contact a licensed real estate professional. It is a proven fact that realtors help most sellers get significantly higher sales prices, navigate through the maze of to-do more efficiently, and have higher satisfaction with the process of selling. If you would like a no obligation and completely FREE market analysis, click HERE.

I would love to talk further with you about the process of marketing your home. I have tons of tips and tricks for getting the highest price for your home, and ideas to reduce market time. Reach out to me HERE.  


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